Yang Houses

Glass houses are very on-trend at the moment. Pick up any living magazine and you will see page after page of open plan homes with floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking a huge swimming pool or a designer outdoor entertaining area. These homes look fantastic however they are horrible to live in (I know, I tried it out for myself!)

How do you know if you are living in a Yang house? If the percentage of windows to walls exceeds 30% of your home, you are living in what I call an excessively Yang home.

I find that the people who live in these homes may feel anxious, unsettled, impatient, unable to relax and unwind and may even suffer from depression. Other symptoms may include difficulty concentrating, dizziness and some people even experience insomnia. These homes are particularly difficult for children to live in.

The reason for this occurring is the Chi (energy) can not be contained within the building as it goes directly out through the glass windows. 

If you are living in a Yang home I recommend that you invest in some heavy curtains to cover the windows, to try and keep the Chi in the home. The curtains don't need to be closed all of the time however I would keep the curtains closed if you are not at home and I would close them as the evening sun goes down. You may also like to furnish your home with darker furniture and decorations to help balance the Yin and Yang. 

Feng Shui is all about creating balance and harmony.