How can I help you?

Your existing home or business

I help to create a balanced environment by working with each room by manipulating the space using interior design, colours and furniture placement. I advise which room is best for what; such as bedrooms, living rooms and work space.

Land Healing 

A must for everyone! Using crystal and or animal essences I grid your home using Oracle cards and a pendulum. The essences along with a map and instructions are posted out to you. This service is very powerful and definitely not for the faint hearted! It brings on change and quickly!

Site selection

I help you find the right block of land for your home using Feng Shui principles.

Design process

I help to create a healthy and prosperous home by working with the floor plan and building design. I work closely with the architects, draftsperson and builders during the process.

Renovations, alterations and additions

I ensure that the improvements that you are making on your home are favourable and work closely with the architect and builder where necessary.

Pre-sale advice

If you are putting your home on the market to sell I can advise as to what changes should be made to help achieve the highest price with a quick sale time. This includes furniture placement and interior design.

Pre-purchase appraisals

I help assess homes or business before you buy. I will look at whether the home is favourable for harmonious relationships, prosperity and good health or if the home is unfavourable. I can also assess whether there is an opportunity to change an unfavourable home into a favourable home. If the property is to be an investment property I can advise as to whether the property will attract good tenants who don't have difficulty paying their rent and look after your investment.

My services are available to both Australian and international clients. With internet access widely available, I am able use this technology to ensure no one misses out. As well as face to face meetings, I am able to schedule my consultations over the phone, via skype and facetime, and by sharing information such as design plans, layouts and photographs through emails. It is my hope that everyone can access the science and art of Feng Shui.