Work With Me

My approach to Feng Shui is holistic and stylish, yet practical. The methodologies I have studied and practice are named Flying Star and Eight Mansion, and have been around for many thousands of years. These styles  are understood to be the most thorough and scientific forms of Feng Shui, expanding on more commonly used forms by adding the dimension of time. This adds a more dramatic and immediate change on one’s fortune or opportunities.



Flying Star and Eight Mansion do not involve selling trinkets or placing golden Buddha’s in your door-way for good luck, unless the home or business owner were to say a positive affirmation each time they saw said-Buddha to aid in creating change, this will seldom work.

My approach is both an art and science, and the results speak for themselves. I analyse the whole space through a disciplined method, and then use colour and furniture placement to increase the harmony of the flow of energy (qi) in the room to create balance.  

Feng Shui is about correcting our subtle environment in order to attract and take advantage of opportunities. 

Love him or loathe him - Donald Trump uses Feng Shui on ALL of his developments, homes and buildings. “I don’t have to believe in Feng Shui” the billionaire says. “I do it because it makes me money.”