My Story

My passion for harmonious living and working space is virtually part of my DNA. Stemming from my parent’s love-affair with developing property (before it was popular), I’d lived in 18 homes by the age of 18. My natural progression was to study and work in the property industry, where I now hold more than 12 years’ experience in Real Estate sales.

I believe Feng Shui found me.

Throughout my career while visiting hundreds, if not thousands of properties, I began to feel the different energies in people’s homes and see the affects. One day, a Feng Shui magazine landed on my lap and as I began to read, it was almost instantly that I felt like a light had been turned on.

From that day on I have studied and travelled to learn as much as I can about the art of Feng Shui. My journey into this craft has taken me interstate, as well as overseas, to study with some of the most innovative and respected Feng Shui masters and teachers in the world. For me, Feng Shui is a lifetime study and that excites me.



In my own life and home, Feng Shui has had a profound and tangible affect.

Analysing my own home and work environments has meant that I can not only understand what is going on in my life during a certain point in time, it’s meant that I can foresee any obstacles which may present themselves and prepare accordingly, often creating opportunities where some people may feel challenged.

I believe that our homes are a direct representation of where we are in life in this moment. For example, my current home supports learning and creating new things. Previous to purchasing this home I had the intention of learning Feng Shui but hadn’t taken any steps towards this. Once I moved in I felt like I had to know all about Feng Shui. Instead of heading to Bali for a break I took my annual leave to study with a visiting Master. I was like a sponge and all I wanted to do was study and learn.

My home also makes you accountable to yourself. My life before Feng Shui was very career focused, in the corporate sense. My current home’s energy has encouraged me to take a leap of faith and follow my passion of Feng Shui, quite a shift from my former life. My home supports me in making this dream a reality – the energy in my home has made me accountable to myself, my true self.

By balancing the energies in your home, I can help enhance your inner peace and harmony, improve health and relationships and encourage you to be more open to receiving abundance and good fortune.

I love Feng Shui. I trust the science and know it works.

I would love it to work for you and see it create harmony and abundance in your life too.

For more information on working with me, please check out my work with me page.


I believe...

Your home is a direct representation of you. It’s amazing how I can look at someone’s home and see exactly what is playing out in their life.

I believe everyone wants to be happy and to live a fulfilled life. Feng Shui helps to balance the energy of the home to create a more holistic environment, which naturally has a flow on to how you physically and emotionally feel.

Every home has the opportunity to feel and support balance and good fortune. By using colour and furniture placement, I believe I can balance the energy of the home, making it more harmonious. 

I believe it is time for Feng Shui to be accessible to everyone. I make it easy to have access to this ancient art, and to understand and apply the principles to your own space.