đź’« LAND HEALING đź’«

Two years ago Aaron and I fell pregnant for the first time. But excitement soon turned to sorrow as we found out the pregnancy was ectopic and I was taken into surgery to have my right fallopian tube removed. The grief nearly broke us. For weeks after our loss, my vibe was suppressed by such a profound sadness and I wondered if I'd ever be able to feel anything else again. I needed help to get my energy back, for my own sake, and the sake of mine and Aaron's relationship.

A friend at work told me to call her friend Kelly, who is a Feng Shui practitioner, and she might be able to help me. So I gave Kelly a call, and after sharing with her my battle, and the history of our home, we decided that a land healing was in order. You see, every home and land can hold onto past trauma, just like humans, so it was no wonder I was struggling to move forward when Aaron and I were living in a home where two relationships had already failed, plus the hell that we were now going through.  

Kelly came over the following week to perform the Land Healing. She had mapped out a chart of our property with numbers from 1 to 8 marked on it. Each number on the map had a corresponding vial of essence which was to be mixed with water and poured on that spot on our property. As we started pouring the first vial of essence, I had the most strange sensation move through my body, like a wave had washed over me, but somehow from the inside?! I looked at Aaron and I knew he was feeling it too. And with each vial of essence being poured, another wave hit me, slowly breaking down the blockages that were preventing me from moving forward and crushing my energy.

Once the process was over, I felt drained, lighter, but very drained. We thanked Kelly and as soon as she walked out the door we both broke down. What I didn't realise during the process was that it had affected Aaron more than it had affected me!

We went to bed early that night and had the most peaceful sleep we'd had in months, and I woke up the next morning with such clarity, the fog in my head had finally lifted and I was starting to see the beauty in life again. I still had some work to do on myself, but I had my spirit back, and I could see clearly what I needed to do to help myself.

From that day on, I've always been very protective of my energy, and even more so now that we have our daughter Ivy. If we don't have our energy in check, its impossible for us to be the very best version of ourselves.

Kelly is now a constant in our life, she helped us choose a block of land to buy, and when we are ready to build, she will have a big input in designing our home to make sure we have a balanced energy flow throughout.

If you don’t already, follow Kelly on her page The Feng Shui Girl. And if you are experiencing any blockages in your life, reach our to her 💗🙌 

- Kasiah, Melbourne, Victoria (Project Qi)

Feng Shui 

Today Kelly from The Feng Shui Girl came out to our property with our Feng Shui report - Yay, exciting!!!! As an energy therapist myself I specialise in the energy of people whilst Kelly specialises in the energy of homes and land. 

Earlier this year we had a land healing with Kelly and wow the changes from that were huge!

So with the purple book Kelly has created and prepared for me I can know begin our renovation. Kelly has highlighted areas of strength and challenge. Our renovation can now be done with the home’s Chi in focus! The areas that promote success, health and wealth will be where we spend most of our time and the areas of challenge and conflict will be kept clean, clear and not used as much.

Feng Shui works using the Chinese 5 elements. Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, so for me this language of enhancing and subduing energy makes sense to me!

Our home is an extension of our energy body and it can either support, challenge or be neutral to us. 

Kelly’s knowledge is incredible and I can’t wait to work along side our home’s Chi to support me and my families life!

- Rebecca Richards, Kinesiologist, Victoria

 I researched Feng Shui, attempted my own, spoke to and employed various consultants and then I met Kelly, The Feng Shui Girl!

Kelly calmed down my mind and simplified the entire meaning and process of Feng Shui.

She helped and suggested things that were realistic and attainable. Everything she explains simply makes sense. It is uncomplicated, logical and Kelly gave me the confidence in how to set up my home. (I recommend looking at the Feng Shui before building if you are building a new home.)

Kelly always has time to talk to me, follows up, answers questions and is so kind and genuinely caring.

I am so grateful that I met her.

- Aneta, Melbourne, Victoria

If you are finding challenges in your life - believe it or not Kelly can definitely find out why and help you turn them around!

"I have also been very fortunate to have had the enormous talents of Kelly "The Feng Shui Girl" assess and provide me with a detailed report on my house when we first purchased it 18 months ago. 

She gave us suggestions which we didn't hesitate to implement (as the previous owners were separated l was really worried that their unhappiness would rub off on us) but we love our house and are extremely happy. 

We have also had Kelly follow up with a Land Healing and everything about our property feels wonderful. 

If you are finding challenges in your life - believe it or not Kelly can definitely find out why and help you turn them around!"

- Tanya Fleming, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria

I no longer feel frazzled and overwhelmed.

"I have known Kelly for over a year now working with her on 3 projects. It's amazing how accurate she has been on all 3 occasions.

Kelly worked on our home completing a Feng Shui Flying Star report. After she completed the report I waited with anticipation ready to implement her suggestions albeit being a little scared of what she came up with. Once I delved into her suggestions I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was. The biggest thing that had to be changed was our 'wealth' sector, which was located in an unused, overgrown, weedy, dark, ugly courtyard that we never ventured into.

We set to work to transform the ugliest area of our home into what we now call our 'Zen garden'. The transformation was totally amazing. The area is so peaceful, lush and green. The breeze in summer whilst sitting out there with our 'survivor' lanterns is pure bliss. I had even ostracised the dog to another area of the yard as I didn't want him pooping in my zen garden! Kelly said he was allowed to roam in and around the area to keep the energy flowing. The positive energy in the courtyard was instant.

After we made the recommended changes within the home you could feel the subtle changes immediately and my 'wealth' has definitely improved.

I was amazed by changing a few subtle things the feel of my home improved dramatically, and to my relief there were no red and gold faux trinkets anywhere to be seen!

I was so thrilled with the result of Kelly's Feng Shui consultation, I had Kelly complete a Land Healing on my cafe that I was having trouble selling. Again the things she advised that were blocking the sale were so accurate and the cafe sold shortly after.

I have been so impressed with Kelly's skills and advice that she has just completed a Land Healing on my new cafe that will open in the coming weeks. Again she was 150% accurate, it is like she can read my mind! Kelly's healing has removed any doubts and blocks that I was struggling with. I am now excited about the new venture and what it has install for me since the Land Healing.

Feng shui is not magic or some whoop whoop B.S. I have found Feng Shui to offer a variety of practical ideas to implement in my home and life which now is perfectly balanced. I no longer feel frazzled and overwhelmed on a long term basis as I did before. The relationship I have with my husband is wonderful, my children are happy and we don't have any money concerns! Life is great!

Kelly is totally amazing and well worth the investment. Kelly is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She continually enhances her skills by attending workshops to increase her wisdom.

I highly recommend Kelly and the Feng Shui experience."

- Evelyn, Gold Coast, Queensland

I feel strong. I feel excited. I feel positive.

"Kelly, I would just like to say thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A little background: 

Hubby and I first got interested in Feng Shui in 1997 when we went to Hong Kong and while on a shopping tour, the guide talked about Feng Shui and the buildings designs and what it all means. When we arrived back home, I started looking into it and had a few small successes with moving things around and placing some little cures here and there. I've tried to implement it ever since but lately have found myself being quite slack so decided to ask for some help. 

I don't know how I came across The Feng Shui Girl - maybe you popped up in my Facebook newsfeed? Anyway, I started following Kelly on Facebook and when I decided I needed help to FS the house we're in (so we can get out of it!), I emailed Kelly.

After talking with Kelly, we decided that since we weren't in our forever house, a land healing might help. I'd never heard of this but thought it sounded like a plan. We needed something! I felt I had lost myself. At the beginning of last year I'd been attacked about my business and had made myself sick enough to end up in hospital on painkillers and antibiotics. After this, my passion and enthusiasm for everything just left me. Everything that was happening, or wasn't happening, was because of me and my feelings. I was in a rut and needed some major help.

I was so excited when the postman arrived with the parcel from Kelly. Hubby and I waited until the next evening to walk around the grounds of our house, soaking the essences into the earth and saying positive affirmations as we went. With every essence put into the earth, I felt lighter and lighter. It was so weird. When we'd finished, hubby hosed off the house while I went inside and lit the frankincense that Kelly had included in every room . What an amazing smell! We were all fascinated with how the smoke just sort of hung in the air.

For the next two nights things were weird. It was like I could sense things moving around in the dark. Totally freaked me out. I also made some decisions about my business and the way I ran it. It was like someone had slapped me on the forehead and said "Der!" I implemented those changes straight away. I received some resistance and anger from a subcontracted employee, for which I feel sorry for, but I am not sorry for making the right decision for my business, for me and ultimately my family.

Kelly asked me how I feel now. I feel strong. I feel excited. I feel positive. I feel as though I'm back and I can do anything. I found my life's mojo again and I am unstoppable!

So Kelly, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. When we move into our forever home, I will be in contact again for a land healing and to FS the property." 

- Tanya, Tasmania, Australia

It is insane how accurate she is.

"The amazing Kelly Ingram worked on my house and it is insane how accurate she is.

She provided me with an eight page report which went through the best ways to bring wealth, health and how to avoid conflict.

I highly recommend her the report has been so very informative - I even moved my office and since I have it's been amazing! Check her out."


- Karla Drummond, International Healer and Psychic Medium.

Kelly is awesome.

"I am all about balance in life. ... Now, for once I am not talking about eating habits, I'm talking about balance at home. This life is all about energies and how you use them to make your home more balanced and peaceful.

Several years ago I have been all over the place about what I want to do and where I want to live. When I was living back home (Dubai) I decided to consult with a Feng Shui specialist and try to figure out how the energies around me and my house work. It was great but not what I wanted.

When I finally decided to move here to California to be closer to my family I knew I will build my life the way I wanted and I knew I will stay here forever, I was lucky enough to meet The Feng Shui Girl.

Kelly is awesome, she is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. Feng Shui is not magic, Feng Shui is a philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with their surrounding environment. When you feel unbalanced, when you feel nothing goes right in your life, that can be because of unbalanced energies around you. It never worked well for me until I met Kelly and she explained to me how everything works and helped me change things around my home. Now I feel nothing but happiness, joy, and peace.

I would recommend The Feng Shui Girl to everyone.

Consult with her and see how everything can change in a positive way."

- Yalda, Los Angeles, USA

A subtle yet substantial shift.

"I have been a Doctor of Chinese Medicine for over 16 years. I am passionate about well being. Feng Shui, I just love.

I have recently moved into a new house and have been thoroughly enjoying renovating my new abode.

Kelly has been a long time friend and client. Kelly, The Feng Shui Girl visited our home & room by room assessed the 'energy' of each room.

I was then given a to do list and action plan as a few areas needed to change to improve the health & harmony of our home.

Since then, we have experienced a subtle yet substantial shift. We are absolutely loving the great flow of energy in our home.

Thank you for inspiring me to get on with the renovations and to fix anything broken!

New colour schemes, new beginnings and I'm excited about all future adventures. Thank you Kelly.

I would definitely recommend your service to anyone looking at creating flow and conscious happy & healthy environments!"

- Carolina, Registered Dr. Chinese Medicine

I have been lucky enough...

"I have been lucky enough to have had Kelly Feng Shui our home and whilst she established that sadly our home has been built back to front, the recommendations she made to counteract the negativity especially in our finance and work sectors has meant that with a few small changes our finances have improved enormously and my career has taken off.

The best part of working with Kelly for me has been how well she explains everything.  From such a detailed, involved process she makes it easy to get the desired results.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kelly to any of my friends quite simply because she has been studying the art of Feng Shui for quite some years now, she is extremely passionate about it and I know that the work she does provides very positive results in your life."

- Tanya, Melbourne, Victoria

Kelly walks her talk.

"Working with Kelly has been a dream!

When it comes to Feng Shui Kelly really knows her stuff, and is extremely generous with her time and information. She is both intuitive and practical, making her advice totally bespoke and easy to implement.

Kelly walks her talk, and is truly authentic in what she has to offer.

She is professional and stylish, yet wise and full of knowledge. I couldn’t recommend her more!"


- Catherine, Holistic Life Coach, Gold Coast