Robin Williams

I love watching any movie that Robin Williams stars in. When I think of Robin I picture that scene in Mrs Doubtfire where his boobs are on fire, it makes me smile just thinking about it. He was an amazing talent. Why would a man who seemed to have everything want to end his own life? Lets have a look at the Feng Shui of Robin’s home in Tiburon, California where he took his life and maybe that can lead us to some answers. 

In Feng Shui you MUST have a 'mountain' at the back of your home. A mountain draws life force in. A strong mountain could be large high trees, a high brick fence, a double storey home or even an apartment block. Why are mountains so important? Because they give our home (and us) support, they make us feel secure, they give us our foundation. Without a mountain we feel vulnerable and unsupported. Robin’s home backs on to the bay and doesn't have any type of mountain present at all. He also has the pool which just compounds the unfavourable Feng Shui. He would have felt very unbalanced, not supported and not grounded.

The home also takes up the majority of the block, there isn't any garden as such and it is very close to his neighbours homes, even sharing boundaries. The home looks constricted and constrained and as such Robin would have felt the same way. 

The front yard of the home isn't in proportion to the rest of the house. It is too small and as such there isn't a place for energy to gather and settle which is imperative for having good Feng Shui. If there isn’t a place for the energy to gather, then there is very little if any energy entering into the home.

The shape of the home is long and rectangular. In Feng Shui it is referred to as a ‘Wood’ home, as it looks like a tree trunk. In these types of homes the life force or energy isn’t distributed evenly - it has to separate. If the energy enters in through the front door it has to go either left or right, hence the need to separate. It is reported that Robin’s wife had been sleeping in another bedroom, were they living separate lives? In wood homes there isn’t any cohesion, people can feel frustrated, agitated, seperated and even stuck. Wood is also related to rope. 

My feeling is that Robin didn’t feel balanced or supported in this home, in fact he would have felt very alone. I believe that the home shows that Robin had a problem, something that he needed to talk about, to get off his chest, something he needed to work through, however he would have felt that he didn't have the support he needed to work through it. He would have felt constricted, constrained and unbalanced, he would have felt very alone. 

This home didn't offer Robin any support, any balance, there isn't any cohesiveness. Living in this home would have been truly a sad and lonely experience which as we know lead to drug and alcohol abuse and then unfortunately suicide. 

Interestingly, Robin's holiday home is Napa Valley has similiar attributes to this family home. It does have mountains in the distance, however the swimming pool overlooks a lake instead of the ocean (google it.)

Remember - Your home is a direct representation of who you are xx