No TV Equals New Me!

Three months ago I made the decision to give my television away. I realised I was wasting so much time ‘watching’ programs that really were of no interest and only dulled my vibration and energy (really… how many more TV series can there be about Terrorism and hatred in the world?) And then I happened to stumble across two American guys called The Minimalists They were travelling around the world holding talks about living a minimalistic life and as luck would have it they were holding a talk in South Melbourne!!!! (It was meant to be…) So off I went and stood in a packed, hot hall with a few hundred other people and listened to these two Americans talk about how getting rid of ‘stuff’ has changed their lives for the better. I was converted.

So ‘The Idiot Box’ as my Father affectionately calls it, was removed the following day. Friends and colleagues were shocked; they couldn’t believe that I had given away my TV!!!! They wanted to know how was I going to cope? What would I do? How would I know what is going on in the world?

My house sans TV feels completely different – the energy in my home had completely changed – it feels relaxed, quiet and serene. And I felt like I had time, so much time. I could do all of those things that I hadn’t had time to do, now that I didn’t need to watch Sex and the City for the hundredth time (I still love you girls…) I had time to cook a delicious healthy meal, walk along the beach with my dog, give myself a mani and pedi, go to that yoga class, catch up with friends who I hadn’t had the ‘time’ to see. How did I ever find the time to watch TV???

So three months in I am not missing my TV in the slightest, (I do enjoy catching up on Giulana and Bill when visiting my Sister.) Now that I have more time in my day I have made more of an effort with my health attending Yoga or Pilates every other day, and I am half way through a pile of books that I have been ‘trying’ to read for years (Abraham-Hicks you are the bomb!) Oh and my culinary skills have improved out of sight!

After all these years I should never have doubted my dear old Dad… The TV really is an Idiot Box!