Mirrors in Bedrooms

It is quite fashionable to have a mirrored wardrobe or to have a beautiful mirror hanging in your bedroom as it creates space and light. However, if you can see your reflection in the mirror whilst lying in bed it is considered bad feng shui.

The reason behind this theory is that the traditional Chinese believe that our souls leave our bodies when we sleep and return when we wake up (could explain dreaming??) Having a mirror reflecting our body causes confusion for the soul and doesn’t know which body it should return to. This may result in the occupant feeling tired and unrested even though they have had plenty of sleep.

In my personal experience, I believe mirrors in the bedroom are not conducive of a good nights sleep and may even cause the occupants in that bedroom to argue. Think about laying in bed with your partner having a disagreement - the mirror reflects the argument, so the argument keeps bouncing backwards and forwards. Mirrors in the martial bedroom are seen to be very unfavourable.

If you have a mirror in your bedroom remove it and it if you have mirrored wardrobes you may seriously want to consider wallpapering over the mirrors or even changing the doors.