Feng Shui tips for selling your home

According to Feng Shui the front door is THE most inportant area of your house as it represents your future. Ensure that the door is clean and in good repair. Make sure that there aren’t any cracks in the glass panels and that the security door hasn’t any damaged wiring. Also, if you have the space, have something flanking either side of the front door, such as two pots of lush, healthy plants and flowers. 

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter and when you think you have decluttered enough, declutter again! And by decluttering, I am not just referring to your bookshelf or your bedside table - I mean your wardrobes, your pantry and even under your bed. You can guarantee a prospective purchaser is going to open and close just about every door in the house, so make sure it is clean and uncluttered for them when they do. Remove extra decorations on table tops, shelves, etc. It is important that all horizontal surfaces have a spacious feel to them.

Most homes can benefit from removing about ¼ of the furniture and belongings. Create a home that feels spacious. Hopefully your chosen agent will be able to provide busy open for inspections, so you must open up the floor space to give the prospective purchasers room to move and walk around your home.

Ensure that there aren't any mirrors opposite any doors. 

Give the home the most complete clean it has ever had, inside and out. Include: cleaning carpets, blinds, curtains, cleaning inside cupboards, drawers, everything! 

In the kitchen clear counters, keep a clean and organised pantry, and keep bins and knives out of sight. If you have the space, place a small, lush plant like a maidenhair fern along with a bowl of fresh fruit on the bench top. The kitchen needs to smell and look good. Do not use those cheap plug-in deodorisers from the supermarket. According to Feng Shui, earthy scents are the most appealing to the widest range of people. So, opt for cinnamon and pine scents rather than floral or vanilla scents.  

Create a spa feel in the bathroom by hiding all your personal items, prospective purchasers do not need to know which toothpaste brand you prefer. Toilet lids should always remain down. Repair dripping taps and showerheads. Buy new white towels for the bathroom, to be brought out only when prospective buyers are on the way.

Make all necessary repairs to the home and ensure that your garden is free of weeds and looking its best.

Make sure that you and everyone in the family wants to sell the house. If anyone in the family is anti-selling, it could affect your ability to attract the right buyer. Talk to your children and try your best to put any of their concerns to rest.

Correctly place your ‘for sale’ sign. Make sure your agent places the ‘for sale’ sign to the right of the front door as you look at it.  This is the yang, or energetic, side of the house. Make sure that the agent always has every light on in the house during open for inspections (make sure you have the highest wattage globes.) Purchasers like the feeling of light and space, create as much of both as you can. 

And lastly be ready to move, even start moving out.  You want new energy (a buyer) to come into the house, right?  Well, then give it (them) room to come in by putting a lot of the excess stuff you don’t need into storage. It makes more space — and it gives you a jump start on packing.  From a Feng Shui perspective, it symbolically creates room for another family to move in.

Best of luck with the new adventure xx