Feng Shui and Wealth

The most common question I get is "I want to make more money, where is my wealth sector?"

When I visit a clients home, many have placed water features or money symbols in the South-East corner of their home as that's where they believe their wealth sector is - that's what they've read on the net!

If you would like to know where your true wealth sector is, employ a classically trained Feng Shui practitioner to carry out a Flying Star analysis on your home. The practitioner calculates the age of the home using a Feng Shui calculator and takes directional measurements with a Feng Shui compass and then using your floor plan compiles a chart which shows which rooms are favourable for wealth, health and relationships and which are a more challenging. Advice and remedies are then discussed.

Feng Shui is a science, not a 'one size fits all' rule.  So please be very careful with what you read on the net and implement in your home. I have witnessed people who have broken bones, lost their jobs, relationships have ended and people have gotten themselves into financial hardship because they've read the wrong advice. Feng Shui is a 6,000 year old discipline and shouldn't be played around with.

If you would like further information on Flying Stars, please feel free to email me on kelly@thefengshuigirl.com.au